If you have a family member or friend who is suffering with drug addiction or in a gang and you want to help we can help you.

Taking back our cities house by house and street by street...
Slaying this giant of drugs and gangs!


The Hope Revolution is a non-residential rehabilitation program founded to uplift people and restore dignity in the lives of those served. We are focused on educating and empowering people to overcome substance abuse, gangs and human trafficking by embracing a "hand up" mentality, which empowers people to stand on their own while freeing them from the "handout" mentality, which enslaves.

Our purpose is to inform, inspire and ignite communities to step into purpose and position in order to implement a workable solution to effectively contribute towards the eradication of drug use, abuse and addiction as well as their associated problems.

Our objectives are to:

  • Put hope within reach of those who are trapped in drug use, abuse, addiction and their associated problems, including gangs and human trafficking.
  • Develop safe corridors and safety nets for the children and youth in our communities.
  • Develop resilient communities that will rise up and take a stand against this evil and self-destructive subculture.
  • Empower children and youth to stay clear of these self-destructive subcultures.

Dr. Jacobus & Mrs. Erica Nomdoe


In 1995 our founder, Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, realized the youth were being heavily impacted by the negativity in society. This led him to complete extensive research on drug abuse, gangs and human trafficking. Dr. Nomdoe is in high demand and travels the world to speak on substance abuse, gangs, human trafficking and other issues facing communities today. He also provides insight on how to provide people with an opportunity for change.

Dr. and Mrs. Nomdoe have led Teen Challenge Africa (where youth and young adults with life controlling problems are rehabilitated) for 20+ years. The Hope Revolution was established in Cape Town, South Africa has spread throughout the continent and recently established a presence in the United States where there is dire need for a new and proven approach to combat the drug, gang and human trafficking pandemic.

Our Approach

Phase 1 - The Houses of Hope

The House of Hope is a house in the community where youth and adults in the community can come for help. The House of Hope can be connected to with any religious institution or non-sectarian organization that is affiliated with The Hope Revolution program. Houses of Hope provide a safe space and accountability structure for persons in the community looking to leave the grips of drugs and gangs. Email us at info@thehoperevolution to receive information on establishing a House of Hope in your community.

Phase 2 - The Transition House

The Transitional House (Halfway House) is a twelve (12) Week In-Patient Program. This program is designed to help persons who want to and are able to dedicate the time to an intensive recovery program which can facilitate a more expedient recovery. This program is highly intense and requires all persons involved to adapt to a new way of life, including house chores.

Phase 3 - Secondary Care

The residential house is a 12 to 14-month in-patient program for clients that need extensive help and support.
This program is run through Teen Challenge in some countries and US cities.

Phase 4 - Training and Development

Training and development is currently only available in South Africa. This consists of 3 months of soft and hard skill training at a SETA accredited College. The training and development program will vary from country to country and is not compulsory. However, it will prepare students for future employment.

Phase 5 - Reintegration

Reintegration plans are developed for each individual student and is dependent upon their individual needs. Some students may be required to return to the Transition House before returning home whilst others may transition directly home with weekly requirements to check-in at their local House of Hope.



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