My name is Mark Rustin, I am 34 years of age, I was once trapped in the world of gangterism and addiction. I was at one stage known as the “gemorse” in my neighbourhood in translation the filth of the area due to the fact of the gang that I belonged too. I became a member of the gang at the age of 14 years old and my drug habits started at the age of 15. I was a very active member in the gang in the sense of selling drugs to generate income for the gang as well as going out to hurt people and destroy families. My life always seemed to never come right and that because of my actions my own family turned their backs towards me. I at one stage in my life was kicked out of my mother’s house due to the fact of police constantly raiding her house in search of guns and ammunition and she couldn’t handle it anymore. I was then at that time living on the streets and had nowhere to go. It was a very difficult time of my life and I was at a stage of losing all hope and giving up on life itself.

One day my mother saw me and said these words “look how you look, the police is still looking for you” when I decided to run no more and with my mother accompanying me to the police station we got there and we gave my name and address to the police officers and on the system they didn’t have no record of me on the system not even the address of my mother’s house. We left the police station when I admitted that I need help.

She told me that she knows of a rehab centre that I can go too, and we walked towards our local train station and that’s where I saw a board of Teen Challenge, and something inside me was pushing me to phone that number not knowing it was the Holy Spirit and we did phone it. In 2018 on that very same day I was accepted into the Teen Challenge program and the next day I travelled to Pretoria. At that time not knowing that the Lord has a plan for my life I arrived in Pretoria and to this day my life has never been the same again, I gave my heart to the Lord and without ever looking back the Lord showed me that all that I went through and all that I did he was with me and he never left me and it was to build me to be the man that I am today. I am happily married, I have two beautiful daughters and I’m now the current Centre Manager of the Teen Challenge Program in Pretoria. I have the Love of the Lord inside me towards everyone and as a testimony that if the Lord can do it for me, he can do it for SOMEONE ELSE as well, offering hope, compassion and Love to everyone that has a life controlling problem.


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My name is Augustine Speelman , I am 30years old and a mother of 3 beautiful boys. I had a relatively good life until the age of 17 years old when I met the father of my children, which I thought was the love of my life. Everything was good in the beginning until I had my first born. Everything changed drastically because he became jealous of his own son. He became very angry with me because according to
him I spend more time with the child than him. I began to see a side to him I never thought existed. He began to abuse me emotionally, which broke me. The words he used to say to me made me feel less of person. Even though I knew he smoked drugs it really didn’t bother me because I was so in love with him. As time went by, I became so tired of all the emotional abuse and him breaking me down I made a decision to also start smoking with him. I though maybe this will change his attitude towards me. I chose him over my family, had two more son with him. I stayed with him because of my children and the addiction to drugs. Years went by and I just couldn’t take it no more, the now emotional as well as physical abuse. I prayed that God would help me. I eventually ran away and left my children and lived on the streets for a while until I got the courage to go to my mom and asked for help. I got the help I need through people who care and The Hope Revolution I was rehabilitated, reconciled with my family and even have my children at my side. All Honor and Praise to God. If we call upon the name of the Lord, He is able to help and I am a true witness of the favor and the goodness of God. I trust Him in everything I do.


My name is Gershwin Gouws. I am 43 years old. I was raised in a house where both parents serve the Lord.  At the age of 15 I got involved with gangsterism and drugs. For 20 years it was prison in and out, I destroyed my relationship with my family, but my mother never stopped praying for me and never gave up on me. My life as a gangster always made to always to look over my shoulder because of hits (targets)on your life. Early in 2021 I was introduced to The Hope Revolution. I met Jesus and my life was never the same.  I strongly believe that if the Lord did it for me, there is Hope for those who are still trapped. With Jesus, I got my joy back and my life was restored as well as my relationship with my family and the community.

All honor to God.

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